Samsung galaxy S11 features

Samsung Galaxy S11 – Features We Look To See


Everyone expects the Samsung Galaxy S11 features to be way upgraded, compared to what they’re used to.

Lately, it’s been a battle of amazing designs and outstanding features between popular and upcoming Smartphone makers.

It is only normal to expect Samsung to take the lead by putting even greater features on the Galaxy S11.

Although the Samsung Galaxy S10 was an awesome device; being one of the first devices with a hole-in-screen selfie camera, a lot of anticipated features were missing from the device, and this has put a lot of people on the lookout for what features the Samsung Galaxy S11 will rock.

Aside from these, there is a whole world of amazing features from Samsung Galaxy A80 and Samsung Galaxy Fold that would be just awesome on a new Samsung flagship device – the Galaxy S11.

We aren’t really expecting the Samsung Galaxy S11 from Samsung anytime this year, as the company seems to only release a flagship device yearly.

However, by being inspired by the innovating features seen on other devices, we have compiled a list of features we expect to see on the new Samsung Galaxy S11.

Just before we proceed to pointing out the features we expect to see on the Samsung Galaxy S11, here are a few hints about the device:

  • Possible release date: February/March 2019
  • Price: Probably more than 899 USD or 799 GBP or 1349 AUD

Samsung Galaxy S11 – Four Features We Expect To See

  1. Leading camera specifications:

Judging by the lower camera specs on the Samsung Galaxy S10, when compared to other 2019 flaghip devices, we say that a lot of work need to be done in the camera department.

Samsung Galaxy S10 features three rear camera setup: a 12MP main camera with a regular lens, a 12MP telephoto camera that helps take long distance shots, and a 16MP ultra-wide sensor.

For a flagship device, the Samsung Galaxy S10’s camera is a downgrade when compared with Huawei P20 Pro’s 40MP main camera; even other cheaper phones come with 3-4 four big lenses.

For Samsung not to be left behind in this competition of cameras, we expect the company to equip the Galaxy 11 with top-notch camera setups.

  • 2. A bigger battery:

Samsung put decent batteries on their devices; the Samsung Galaxy S10 features a 3400mAh battery, which would last a day on a moderate use.

However, heavy phone users can’t say that their devices’ batteries last a day; at most, 8-10 hours of heavy usage is what they get from their fully charged devices.

We really hope that Samsung would put a bigger battery on the Galaxy S11. Although Samsung cuts the battery size on their devices because of how slim and nice they want their devices to look and feel in palms.

Huawei was able to put a 4000mAh battery on their 2018 flagship device – the P20 Pro, and that didn’t mess up the device’s aesthetics. We believe that Samsung can do the same on the S11.

  • 3. More color variants:

Samsung devices come in quite dull, same-old-same-old color variants. Who says your mobile phone shouldn’t look colorful?

Color makes life interesting; we bet Apple realized this before there released different color variants of the iPhone Xr. People love to be able to choose a suitable version of whatever it is they’re putting their money on, including smartphones.

We don’t expect extreme patterns from Samsung, but unlike the S10 that didn’t come in many color variants, we strongly hope that Samsung would give us more color options for the Galaxy S11.

  • 4. A 3.5mm headphone jack:

Samsung had kept the traditional 3.5mm headphone jack, until it went missing on the Samsung S10. It didn’t end there: the 3.5mm headphone jack was also omitted on newer Samsung devices, like the Galaxy A80.

Features of Samsung Galaxy S11- headphone jack
Image source: Pixabay (edited)

We are not sure why Samsung had to follow suit other companies who ditched the headphone jack, but we think it might be to sell their new wireless ear buds.

However, there are still truckloads of people who prefer to use 3.5mm headphones, and we hope for Samsung to return this feature to their future devices.

There’s a whole world of amazing features that Samsung could put on the S11 to force the “wow!” out of our mouths; however, we think the above mentioned features are quite important and should be considered.

What features would you like to see on the Samsung S11? Kindly use the comment box. Samsung might just see it, who knows?

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