Huawei Affected by China vs US Trade War

USA vs China Trade War – How Huawei is Affected

The United States of America and China Trade War has caught the eye of the globe.

Even those that are not on the internet has had their ears full with the news of the China and USA Trade War, Huawei had become the talk of the planet.

1980, Japan’s name in World Economy made other countries piss in their pants, their economy was strong and was booming often as humans breathes, but yeah, it was not going down well with United States of America, they felt insecure and made strategic moves to remain the world power.

Japan was accused of spying and stealing thereby got slammed with huge sanctions and tariffs, which kept increasing day by day, and their economy went down the drain, drop after drop.

China for long years has been a the most producing country in the world, ranging from electronics, pharmaceuticals, fashion, and almost all the important goods that are used all over the world, and United States of America has also for long years, been doing exploits in business and have been a major customer to what China is producing.

History seemed to be on the way of repeating itself, by a scuffle between China and USA about a year ago, which was caused by the economic prowess of China, and China are apparently not buying enough from USA, and USA are buying lots from China.

The United States of America increased the tariff of China Imports from 10 percent to 25 percent, but China imposed a retaliatory round of tariff on US Imports, and now it’s fast looking like a war that wouldn’t end soon, if it’d ever end.

Huawei Affected by China vs US Trade War
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China vs America Trade War – How is Huawei Involved?

Huawei, a Chinese Multinational Telecommunications Company has found itself intertwined in the fiercely war, and the company has been banned from The United States of America’s Market.

Huawei has been added to a federal entity list, which means they are believed to be involved, or pose a huge risk of being involved in activities contrary to national security or foreign policy interests of the United States.

Now, Huawei can’t buy Technology from American Companies, and their American Partners has since been severing ties with them.

Everything That Has Happened to Huawei So Far

  • Microsoft has removed Huawei laptops from its online store after Huawei was Blacklisted by the U.S. Department of Commerce.
  • Broadcom, Qualcomm, Intel, Nvidia, Lattice and ARM reportedly have stopped supplying parts to Huawei, though, none has officially confirmed it.
  • Google removed Huawei’s Android licence but it was restored days later, after being issued a temporary order to allow operations to continue for existing Huawei mobile users.
  • Huawei without this licence would be incapacitated to sell Smartphones with the numerous Google Services which includes Google mail, Google Assistant, and Maps.

But given China’s unrelenting and motivating history, it’s apparent that they’re looking for a good landing stage if they eventually fall from the crashing plane.


Since Huawei was granted a trademark from China’s National Intellectual Property Administration to build an in-house Operating System, they just might survive.

This war could be as good as fatal as it could be, because this could help China develop high technology that would rival Google, Microsoft and other American Tech Companies, rather than relying on America.

Huawei has the eyes of the world fixated on them as, they battle through this hard time.

While all these go on, we’ll just grab ourselves a packet of popcorn and a cup of Vanilla Smoothie as we anticipate a great Tech turn around.

The Huawei China USA War is definitely going to be a long watch.

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